Project Location:
the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Project Duration:
18 months

Overall Objective:
The proposed project will contribute to improving the migration management system in line with EU and international standards while enhancing access to protection services of vulnerable categories of migrants.

Specific Objectives:

  • Support the national authorities to draft, strengthen and adopt policies and strategic documents in line with the EU standards,
  • Strengthen the inter-institutional cooperation and reinforcing the institutional capacities,
  • Increase skills and knowledge of the national authorities’ in the area of identification, referral and assistance of victims of trafficking (VoT’s) and other vulnerable categories of migrants,
  • Raise the awareness on the available protection services and migration related risks among the vulnerable categories.

Target Group / Beneficiaries:

  • Relevant national institutions, on both central and local level and civil society organizations,
  • Migrants, asylum seekers, potential and actual victims of trafficking,


  • Provision of technical assistance and support in the development of practical and specific policy documents in line with the European standards, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall migration management system,
  • Building the capacities of 600 professionals from Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, National Integrated Border Management Coordination Centre, National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Migration, Public Prosecutors Office, the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors the Administrative and Criminal Court, the anti-trafficking task force, local commissions on combating trafficking in human beings an irregular migration and Civil Society Organizations in implementation of the new migration legislation, on the alignment of the operational procedures with the EU standards and other based on their needs identified in the planned assessment exercise,
  • Enhancing the direct assistance services provided by the Centre for VoTs, through the establishment of a Direct Assistance Fund that will enable psychological, medical, provision of food and other assistance to the VoTs, as well as access to re-socialization and reintegration services. In addition, the work of the Centre for VoTs will be supported through the establishment and capacity building of four mobile teams composed of relevant institutional stakeholders and CSO’s with substantial experience in the area of identification, assistance and reintegration of VoTs and PVoTs,
  • Implementation of an information campaign that will strengthen the awareness of the vulnerable population on the migration related risks, with particular focus on trafficking in human beings. Moreover, in close cooperation with the institutional stakeholders, the project will work to enhance the awareness of the vulnerable migrants on the available protection services.

Donor: European Union